Rubber, polyurethane and metal fabricated Bushes are used as essential parts of industrial equipments and automobiles. These can endure different temperature levels. Low maintenance cost, abrasion and wear protected design are their main features. We offer these at reasonable price range.
Rubber Moulded Components
Made from well selected silicon rubber, NR, EPDM, or HNBR rubber, offered Rubber Molded Components are appreciated for their best chemical resistance properties and oil proof designing. Accessible in black color, these shaped rubber parts are extensively utilized as the essential components of electronic apparatus, automobile parts, medical equipment, household appliances and industrial machinery.
Rubber Mountings
Offered durable Rubber Mountings are capable to improve the performance of vehicles and several other machines, wherein they are applicative. These aptly assist in making diminution in deflection and vibration rate. Provided with oil, grease and water proof designs, these come with extended serviceable life. Supplied with unique tensile strength and excellent hardness level, these are bestowed ozone resistance properties.
Suspension Bush
Whether you need polyurethane, rear arm, lower arm, rear, front arm or any other kind of suspension bush for automobile industry. Rubber and polyurethane are used in the making of this essential part integrated in cars. This is often mounted on suspension.
Engine Mountings
We deal in optimal quality durable Engine Mounts, accessible with dimensional accuracy and stalwart designs. Ensuring the safety of the engines, these dampen the vibrations and are capable to withstand the torque and force made by the engines. Set up in various heavy and light vehicles, these have been configured in accordance with modern techniques and hold things down by enabling a safe movement.
Stabilizer Bushes
Stabilizer Bushes are one of the most appreciated yet incredibly functional mechanical components, which hide underneath the vehicles. Placed on the framework of the vehicle, these are engineered to cut down road noise, absorb cracks and bumps in roads and present a soft and smooth ride. Supported with rubber bushings, which keep the vehicle's body protected from rolling by navigating the turns.
Anti Vibration Rubber Mountings
We offer durable Anti Vibration Mounts, which come with enhanced vibration resistance and are made from best grade cast iron and rubber materials such as elastomer, SBR or EPDM etc. Accessible with anti vibration properties, these are capable to protect floor mounted machinery from vibration or electrical dazes. These are protected against low & high temperature and UV rays.
Silent Block Bushes
We offer durable Automotive Silent Block Bushes, which are the essential components of automobiles, and are also illustrious as Silent Block Rubber Bushes. These are made from superior quality deuce concentric steel sleeves with rubber, which insure sturdy design and strapping construction. Offered bushes are used to check the load bearing difficulty in oscillating and vibrating systems, automotive car suspensions, railway carriages, trucks, etc.
Metal Bonded Bushes
We offer durable Metal Bonded Bushes, which come with less vibration and noise. Requiring little lubrication, these are used in anti-roll bars, shock absorber mountings, double wishbone suspension machines, gear sticks, skateboards and fastening. These are used for the engines, which are prone to torsional vibration of their rotating shafts. These are highly flexible and come with simple installation.
Rubber Matting Pad
Offered durable Anti vibration Pads are useful for reducing the sound and vibration in all industrial vibrating machines. Responsible for the vibration damping and precision leveling, these products are suitable for machine installation. Provided pads are economical and can work with small, medium and large machines. Perfect for the anchoring of heavy machine such as long-bedded lathes, turbines etc, these control passive vibrations and eliminate all unwanted vibration.
O Mountings
Standard grade rubber and carbon steel made durable O Mountings are used to protect machinery against shock by absorbing produced noise and vibration level. Offered in different dimensions, these are oil and grease proof. Easy to install and replace, these are preferred for their application specific design.
Vibration Isolator Rubber Mountings
Vibration Isolator Rubber Mountings are used to reduce vibration level of automobiles and heavy duty industrial machinery. Generally, rubber like EPDM, SBR and nitrile are chosen to design these mountings. High strength, necessary thickness level, high load enduring capacity, long lasting surface finish and cost effectiveness are their main features.
Front Arm Bush
Front Arm Bushes are corrosion resistance, strong and strengthful in quality. They can easily sustain high pressure ad temperature. These are easy to fit and long lasting in life.
Torque Rod Bush
Application of durable Torque Rod Bush can be noticed in the design of heavy duty vehicles like cars and trucks. Made of stainless steel, carbon steel, polyurethane, black rubber and polyurethane, this torque improving component is convenient to install. Solid structure, precise shape and low maintenance cost are its key features.
Suspension Links
Suspension Links have high ozone protection capacity, stronger and durable in quality. These are made from NR, EPDM or CR rubber. They are light in weight and helps in linking the car parts.
Rectangular Sandwich Mountings
Rectangular Sandwich Mountings are high in strength and offered in rectangular shape. These are used in numerous machines that includes test beds, conveyors, machine tools, vibrator hoppers and concrete molds.

Rubber U Mountings
Rubber U Mountings are made from high grade silicon rubber in accurate dimension. These are utilized in vehicles for producing no sound and vibration. They have excellent shock absorption property.

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